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Artists at our last show: (L-R). Richard Brodeur, Lizete Dureault, Drew Keilback, Judy Vanderveen, Serge Dube, Suzanne Erickson,

Brent Cooke,Felicity Holmes, Allison Philpott, Brian Croft, Emily Lozeron, Victor Gligor, Eric Hotz,

Lynn Sykes, Joyce Trygg, Lorn Curry, Jodie Blaney, Ken Nash.

With the oppressive black cloud of Covid now gone, our September show was in every respect a delightful one.  We were graced with wonderful weather and a constant stream of visitors.  Attendance at the show was the highest in our experience leading to lots of animated conversations as artists welcomed each visitor.  John Gilliat performed magnificently all weekend perched on a high stage overhead.

Sales of artwork mounted each day and by closing time about $50,000 worth of artwork was sold.  25% of these sales will be donated to Langley Hospice Society by the artists who made sales.

This was our 24th show and our most successful and fun show; Without Covid there was a lovely sense of freedom, not a moment of silence and a great deal of laughter from artists and visitors alike and we hope all our future shows continue in that direction.  We would also like to thank JRG Group of Companies for graciously hosting us and making this event possible.

Our mission is to: “Connect People with Art and Charitable Purpose” and at this show we did that, and then then some!

UP NEXT IN  2023

November 25 is the deadline for artist applications in our March 2023. 

A Revolving Kaleidoscope of art by our Featured Artists

Welcome, I'm Brian Croft, president of the West Fine Art Show Society

Were bringing together some great artists and building a wonderful March 2023 show.

Great friends: Shannon Todd Booth of Langley Hospice, Ingrid and Arthur DeJong owners of

Glass House Estate Winery and Brian Croft, president of the West Fine Art Show

More great friends: Red Robinson and  "Mr GOOD , BETTER , BEST", Shell Busey!

We'll be able to enjoy the art and each others company

 Generously hosted by JRG Group of Companies, owned by

André "Joseph" Bourque and Ryan "Richard" Moreno

On behalf or our charity partners and the greater community,

Thank you, Andre and Ryan!


Musical entertainment all weekend by


 Our musical artist for many years

Here is our thank you to the community after our first show in 2022

The weekend of March4-6 emerged from a dark Covid Winter and three days of glorious sunshine erupted like a Dutch daffodil.  As a result the West Fine Art Show was perfectly cradled below the glass ceilings of Glass House Estate Winery where nearly 600 visitors were welcomed.

Our eighteen artists, delighted to be able to display their art in public once again, experienced a tsunami of appreciation which lead to many sales and much good will. 25% of all art sales go to the Langley School District Foundation to help support Langley students.  Adding to the sunshine, the West Fine Art Show presented an additional cheque for $1500 to the aforementioned foundation. The photo  shows  director Joyce Trygg handing our cheque Alicia Rempel.

The Langley School District Foundation staff and Board of Directors would like to express our deepest appreciation for the opportunity to be involved in the 13th Annual West Fine Art Show in March 2022.  It was an exceptional experience and our hats are off to you all, for coordinating such a professional and well-run event, especially given the uncertainly of our world due to Covid-19.  As your charitable partner, we would also like to share our appreciation to the participating artists for donating 25% of their sales to the Foundation in support of Langley students.  Over $5,850 was raised and will be directed to food programming in the district, ensuring that hungry students are fed and able to concentrate on their education and learning.  We thank you again for the opportunity. All the best,

Alicia Rempel
Executive Director
Langley School District Foundation


The West Fine Art Show deeply appreciates the long-time support of the deJong family who, some years ago, first hosted our show under the “Glass House”.  More recently,  JRG Group of Companies has generously hosted the West Fine Art Show thus enabling the show to continue to bring our well-received art show before the public and, this year, to also help us generate supportive funding for both the Langley School District Foundation and, in our next September show, The Langley Hospice Society.  If we are approaching the beginning of "getting back to normal", we hope our shows serve as an injection-of-sunshine, art and the hope for better times ahead.



Here is a thank you from Langley Hospice after our 2021 show:

The 11th Annual West Fine Art Show, hosted by the Joseph Richard Group at the Glass House Estate Winery in South Langley on September 17-19, 2021, featured 17 Western Canadian artists on-site to show case their beautiful works throughout the weekend. The Sept 2021 show & of art sales. Langley Hospice is grateful for the ongoing contributions of these amazing artists. (www.westart.ca)


Enjoy this three-minute video:  THE HISTORY OF  THE WEST FINE ART SHOW






The West Fine Art Show features some of the finest artists in Western Canada, connecting people with art in a series of annual art shows that will become the cornerstone of your arts and entertainment calendar.

“It’s all about a touch of celebrity and breathtaking interpretations of the Canadian west – ranging from the untamed wilderness to more urban scenes.”  Alex Browne - Peace Arch News.


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